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Sensory Perception and Communication


Sensory Perception and Communication

Can your senses help determine the way you envision quality and professionalism in the workplace?
Reshape your understanding of what effective team work and internal communication are, using a new approach that starts with your perception and sense organs.
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Learning in Outdoor Environments


Learning in Outdoor Environments

Preschools and kindergartens, and the experiences they offer young children, don’t have to be limited to what’s inside their four walls. Discover how you can transform your facility’s outdoor surroundings into an open-air space that helps kids’ creativity to thrive, as they explore and learn outside the classroom as well.
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Perception in Psychomotor Education


Perception in Psychomotor Education

Psychomotor education offers numerous solutions and ideas for understanding and experiencing how the human body learns, helping us to become more familiar with, and sharpen, our perception system.
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“Tommaso somehow manages to be very precise and very flexible at the same time. He has a tremendous amount of respect for the innate realm of individual experience – for trying things out and making decisions on one’s own. His brand of ‘social art’ is inspired by a passionate, life-affirming commitment to human individuality. He’s living proof that an everyday routine can still leave room for tremendous creativity.”
Katja Sophia Wolf, Sociologist, IBA-Studierhaus Lausitzer Seenland, Großräschen, Germany


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My Method

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By nature,

  • Children love to try things out and experiment.
  • Children are keen to understand their world, so learning to combine reflection and embodied cognition.
  • Children enjoy independently applying their self-discovered knowledge.

As adults, we must understand this clear message children are sending us about how learning takes place. Learn More…


– Sensory Perception and Communication
– Effective Internal Communications
– Perception in Psychomotor Education
– Outdoor Playful Learning & Movement
– Redesigning Preschools’ Outdoor Spaces
– Pedagogical Skills Targeted to Developers of Digital Products for Children

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