Educators Approach Behavioral Issues Through Embodied Cognition

Teachers and educators have been experiencing new challenges as a result of evolution and changes in society. While detailed and well-tailored academic curricula help them to accomplish their mission effectively, some challenges in everyday school life are still unsolved. These include “understanding and teaching the most challenging students.” In many cases, the effort to understand behavioral issues generates frustration, excessive demand, and even helplessness.

The Only Behavior Teacher Can Control Is Their Own.
(Nancy Rappaport, Jessica Minahan, The Behavior Code, Harvard Education Press)

The goal of this hands-on workshop and professional development training is to face behavioral issues from the perspective of the teacher as an observer of herself and as an assistant to students. It is about discovering new points of view in communication and children’s needs while using the language of the body, the role of sensory perception and movement, the function of learning environments, and the influence of transitions.

The impact lies in gaining a practice-related guidance that supports educators to work step by step on understanding their own behavior in specific situations, activities, places, and incidents during everyday school life. Its implementation is focused on consciously and successfully restructuring relationships with individual students.

Furthermore, in this workshop educators will learn how to keep track of their behavioral improvement, including hidden biases and negative attention towards students through anecdotes and situation oriented exercises, games, and creative activities.

Behavior is communication. We just have to find the best way to listen.

a. 2-hour Overview Demo Workshop
b. 4-hour Intensive Starter Session
c. One-day Full Coverage PD Session
d. Two-day Full Immersion Training

I will come to your school, daycare facility, early education center, museum, library, conference, park, courtyard, or rooftop terrace.


Sensory Perception and Imagination
– Movement and Social Emotional Learning
– Behavior, Communication, and Sensory Perception
– Outdoors Playful Learning
Prepared Learning Environments
– Outdoor Play/Learning Spaces
Perception and Communication
– Psychomotor Practice Targeted to Developers of Digital Products for Young Children

Target groups

This workshop and professional development training session targets adults who work in early childhood: pre-K to 3rd-grade teachers and educators.
A one-day course is ideal for those who seek professional development opportunities at teachers’ associations or PD training organizations.
A two-day training session fits the needs of an entire school staff and would be held directly inside its school.
A version of this workshop specifically tailored to public facilities beyond schools will support child librarians and museum educators in understanding different kinds of inclusive approaches, and set up environments and programs that can be enjoyed by a large audience.
For those who work in special needs programs, the workshop is offered as a hands-on presentation of new zero-budget ideas for motivating staff collaboration and research. It also provides unexplored solutions – connecting art and psychomotor education – to be implemented in every facility.
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