Perception in Psychomotor Education

“In its essence, psychomotor education must be recognized as a natural experience. It’s the inherent state in which children live in this world – the way in which they see the world around them and get to know it.” (Ivano Gamelli)

Since learning, perception, and movement are closely intertwined, gaining greater awareness of one’s own body through play is a core element of the psychomotor domain.

This praxis-based workshop is designed as an introduction to psychomotor learning activities at nursery schools, daycare centers, preschools, and kindergartens. It offers inspiration and solutions for discovering how the human body develops over time, and demonstrates creative ways in which psychomotor education can be integrated into teaching units on movement, with a special focus on relaxation, interaction with natural materials, and outdoor psychomotor skills.

Through intensive activities involving the senses, workshop participants learn to appreciate and broaden their own systems of perception. A range of game concepts – including sensorimotor play, exploration, symbol games, role-playing, pretending and rules-based games – are also presented to illustrate how different psychomotor education can be at different ages.

The principal aim of this workshop is to provide an environment that enables children to engage in self-development through stimulating play.

a. One-day starter course
b. Two-day workshop
c. Ongoing support/consulting package

Whether it’s a daycare center, school, some other type of educational institution; a garden, courtyard, playground, or rooftop terrace – I’ll come to you!


– Sensory Perception and Communication
– Effective Internal Communications
Perception in Psychomotor Education
Outdoor Playful Learning & Movement
– Redesigning Preschools’ Outdoor Spaces
– Pedagogical Skills Targeted to Developers of Digital Products for Children

Target groups

This workshop will provide childcare professionals, educators from schools and social institutions, and nursery school, preschool and kindergarten teams with new perspectives on helping children learn through movement, as well as fresh motivation and new ideas for use in their daily work.
We can also provide advice and counseling to kindergarten and preschool programs looking for inspiration and education-oriented solutions on the subject of movement, and help them plan and realize their concepts. After all, “(…) psychomotor education amounts to independent children having their own experiences and acting as they see fit during meaningful play and various forms of exercise.” (Hans J. Beins, Simone Cox, 2001)
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