Sensory Perception and Communication

Every young educator learns that you need to promote sensory perception in early childhood because it’s “becoming increasingly difficult for children to experience their surroundings in a holistic, up-close and personal manner.” (Renate Zimmer)

But what about adults? To what extent does sensory perception influence the quality of their ability to communicate effectively? How do they perceive others? How do they move? What sensory skills do people “unlearn” as they grow into adults?

For those working in preschools, kindergartens, and other types of schools, in the social or service sector, or in other fields in which there’s a need to interact with the general public, being consciously self-aware, both in physical terms and more generally speaking, can make people more professional in the workplace as well as increasing the quality of their output.

This practical workshop, aimed both at educators and other adults, provides exciting new ideas for rediscovering and heightening one’s sensory perception, and making use of one’s senses at work and in everyday life in a distinctly mindful way.

We use various objects designed to sharpen workshop participants’ awareness of complex communication channels and the organization of time, which in turn leads to improved cooperation.

It’s all about observing and experiencing, perceiving and questioning, leaving one’s comfort zone, listening, having fun, making mistakes, feeling surprised – and ultimately, learning how not to judge a book by its cover.

What do workshop participants need to bring along? “Just” time. In doing so, they’ll find the space they need to work better and to feel more satisfied with their everyday life.


a. 2-hour Overview Demo Workshop
b. 4-hour Intensive Starter Session
c. One-day Full Coverage PD Session
d. Two-day Full Immersion Training
e. Ongoing Support/Consulting Package

I will come to your school, daycare facility, early education center, museum, library, conference, park, courtyard, or rooftop terrace.


Sensory Perception and Imagination
– Movement and Social Emotional Learning
– Behavior, Communication, and Sensory Perception
– Outdoors Playful Learning
– Prepared Learning Environments
– Outdoor Play/Learning Spaces
Perception and Communication
– Psychomotor Practice Targeted to Developers of Digital Products for Young Children

Target groups

“Sensory Perception and Communication” is the ideal workshop for the initial team-assembly phase in the educational services sector. It’s particularly suitable as a kick-off workshop for setting various developmental processes in motion within a team. The workshop also gets people delving into topics such as internal and/or external communication, time management, workspace design and quality in team settings, and dealing with success and failure.
“Sensory Perception and Communication” is a practical yet visionary introduction to the subject of the human senses. It is well-suited to any daycare center offering programs for the quality education of young children.
During the workshop, childcare and education professionals from social institutions can explore “how ears hear, eyes see, noses smell, skin feels, fingers touch, feet ‘under-stand’, hands ‘grasp’, and bodies vibrate” (Hugo Kükelhaus), enabling them to reshape their understanding of sensory perception in every area of education.
The workshop also offers stimulating ideas and challenges for tour guides, museum assistants, and others working in tourism service industries, helping them become more conscious of their self-image and the manner in which they interact with their customers.
I devised the “Sensory Perception and Communication” workshop to help anyone who plays the role of “host” in their workplace to develop more effective, customer-oriented body language, as well as the awareness of time and space they need in order to successfully handle groups.
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