About Me

Tommaso Lana, M.A.

Tommaso Lana (Milan, Italy 1978) is a teaching artist, educator trainer, and “embodied learning” advocate. He researches on how to nurture self-guided learning experiences in a very hands-on way through sensory perception, motion, and body awareness mainly targeting grown-ups who work with and for children in the age group 2-8.

Tommaso moved to Germany in 2005 to work as facilitator, teaching artist, and Manager of Visitors Services at the Experience Field for The Development of The Senses, Wiesbaden.
He was co-director at Germany’s Representative for Cultural and Media Affairs award-winning social-art/education project Paradise 2.
In 2014-2015 he curated the “Learning Outside” exhibit at The Preschool Museum, Berlin (Falkensee).

Tommaso performed at SXSWedu 2016 in Austin, TX on the topic “Fostering Motion and Creativity Outdoors,” and introduced his new PD and performance project “It’s Time to Invest in Embodied Learning” at SXSWedu 2017.

In May 2017 Tommaso relocated to New York City to spread his Embodied Learning project and program across the United States.
He has a Master’s degree in social history from the University of Milan.

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